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Install/modify existing translation script(s) for a commercial demo JS / API

General information for the business: Graphic Design & Product Development Consultants Description of requirements/functionality: Looking for an experienced developer to refine/install a working API front/backend demo of existing scripts as found on Github. In particular, modify the script(s) to create an OEM deployable application built on existing language translation scripts and API's developed by either IBM Bluemix or the Microsoft API. Additionally, package the application for sample distribution via a cloud resource or . exe file. Knowledge of creating a beautiful GUI front end is a plus, however the core features of this job is to ensure that the API connection and script is properly installed and working for demonstration purposes. Generally speaking... I need to develop a white label version of Microsoft Translate, or IBM Watson Speech To Text which is capable of converting speech to text to translate in real time. Example: Specific technologies required: API, PYTHON, JS, IBM WATSON OS requirements: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Other Extra notes:

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Job: #10023

418 day(s) 10h 37m



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One time job

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VB, Delphi, JavaScript,
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