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Help-desk queue sync in two systems via PHP

Short: We have the desire to have the same tickets appear in two systems Autotask and whmcs and updates pushed pulled for either. They both have documented APIs but we lack the time to do this internally. Long: We are working with an outsource support company for some of our customers and need them to process tickets that appear in a ticket queue in our helpdesk system we must make sure no branding will appear from the outsourced company in our tickets. We run our helpdesk in Autotask Its API documentation is here: (There is PHP library from OpenDNS that supports Autotask) PHP is our preferred language) The outsourced support company run Whmcs and its api is here: Our plan is to create a new support queue on our Helpdesk, Our customers will call in and raise tickets against this queue. We need to replicate any new tickets into the whmcs helpdesk of the outsourced company, these tickets will be assigned their own queue per customer in whmcs, So Ticket from a customer A, customer B and customer C with appear in our 'out sourced queue' on the WHMCS side these will have their own queues, queue customer A, queue customer B and queue customer C etc.. Any update on the ticket in whmcs will need pushing to the tickets in our queue Any update in our queue needs pushing to whmcs ticket Any close of ticket will need replication to the other ticket on either system Autotask creates tickets in the following format 'TYYYYMMDD.0000' so we should be able to get new tickets based on the today's date. We would expect a simple table in a database will be required to store 'Autotask ticket ID, WHMCS Queue ID, Date stamp of new ticket, Ticket ID from WHMCS, date stamp of last WHMCS update and ticket status (open/closed,wait on customer) We'd expect a cron job (recurring timer) to start a php script to read through the AT queue looking for a new ticket / checking for ticket updates on the autotask side On the WHMCS we can rely on web hock to push update / ticket state change via script to autotask & DB

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