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I need an electronic circuit Arduino designed and built to control a Stepper motor.

General information for the business: Animal feeders Kind of development: New program from scratch Num. of modules: 1 Description of requirements/functionality: Project design to control a Bi Polar stepper motor using ideally an Arduino. The Project is for design, code and supply a working prototype here to the Uk. 1. Radio Control turn circuit on ( press 1) LED turns green, possible sounder 2 sec burst confirmation. 2. Radio Control select program 2-6 3. Random delay before Bi polar motor activation. ( between 2-10sec ) 4. Random turn stepper motor +90 or -90 ( +90 Clockwise, -90 Anticlockwise ) 5. Fixed delay after first activation say 1.5 seconds 6. Return to Zero position ( If step 4 random selection was +90 then return should be -90 & vice versa ) 7. Random delay between (2-10 sec) 8. Start loop again back at step No:-4 9. Loop continues until a fixed number of cycles has been completed ( Say 10 Cycles ) 10. Stop! Buzzer sounds to confirm cycle completed ( Say 2 seconds burst ) 4 programs selectable from the radio control channels 2-6 all to run as above but with a different fixed variant on step 5. Each program has an LED confirmation. So 6 LED’s in total. Arduino Platform and buzzer parts. Something like a Nema 14 Bi Polar stepper motor, and suitable driver. 12v 6 channel RF 433Hz Radio control 100m range or equal. The project is to design, code, and supply a working prototype unit for testing to the UK. Payment once agreed say something like 50% on design and the rest on shipping and successful testing here in the UK. Best regards Extra notes:

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