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We need YOU! Are you passionate about gaming? Then send us your profile! We would like to create an in game-assistance-tool that acts like a bridge between developers, assemblies and the gaming client to offer us the API/SDK that will allow developers to interact with the gaming client. This application is a library, which helps to use all different classes and functions that have been reversed by the respective author. We will provide you a list of all functions and examples, which are mandatory for the application. Please send us your portfolio about games you have worked with in the past and your experiences in coding. You can contact us any time and if you would like to use another messenger, kindly let us know. (Skype Meeting, Google Hangout or any messengers are also possible including phone calls) Individual persons and companies are both welcomed. Requirements • General knowledge of game debugging of MOBA games • Mastery of C / C++ and ASM (x86 and AMD64) • Reverse engineering expertise • Familiar with IDA Pro, WinDbg, OllyDbg, or other similar tools to use for disassembly and debugging • Packet manipulation • Able to communicate well with technical and non-technical personnel, including engineers, analysts, and producers If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. We are looking forward to passionate applications!

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VBA, Git, TFS,
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