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Email Deliverability Expert/Email Sys Admin

General information for the business: Our company delivers cold outreach email on behalf of around 30 clients *5,000 emails per client per month Description of requirements/functionality: Our company delivers marketing email on behalf of around 30 clients at any one time. sending up to 5,000 emails per client per month. We do this from domain names under our management and currently use our own mail servers. We have recognised the need for more robust, reliable email delivery and reporting. We are looking for a Email Deliverability expert to make recommendations on our sending infrastructure. Then design and develop the tools and processes required to improve deliverability. The person must have demonstrable expertise in this area. Our current and most pressing issues and tasks in priorty order: 1) blacklisting @ google, including domain blacklisting (changing IP does not help to stop be email marked as spam) 1b) organise watching for "marked as spam" (with google postmaster tools?) 2) blacklisting @ GoDaddy (...IB212 community...) 3) blacklisting @ ms-outlook - currently our delisting requests are working, but maybe we can do something to eliminate/lower this risk? 4) help with choosing service for email sending - maybe it is our own server(s) like currently, or maybe SES or maybe something else? 5) Monitor and develop 'alerts' when deliverability becomes an issue on any of our domains. 6) Provide instruction to fix these issues. If the recommendation is to use our own email servers: 6) Organise pool of IPs used for sending 7) Organise efficient monitoring of IPs in the pool for blacklisting. MXTOOLBOX is not enough, maybe use litmus or something (need to check placing in spam; also check and symantec (they are not checked by mxtoolbox)) 8) Organise efficient (quick) removing blacklisted IP from the pool; and notification generation OS requirements: Linux Extra notes:

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