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Setting up of Bitcoin - Alt Coin Exchange

General information for the business: CRYPTO CURRENCY FINANCIAL MARKETS Description of requirements/functionality: This is a pre-invite screening process. We are looking for people or teams who can write, code and customise a multi-coin exchange server software similar to BLEUTRADE+COINBASE+CEX Codes are to be our intellectual property. Due to the security issues, bidders are to submit a draft of how it will be done, with the flowcharts, timeline and the works. We may elect to hire not just one, but many to work in this team effort. In the later stages, we will implement mobile applications into these system and pre-selected contractors will be invited. Team members are required to travel to Singapore and Malaysia (normally located in South Johor) for the collaboration and as such, we are not responsible for sponsoring your work visa. We can only sponsor you a Business-Visit pass to enter the country, where needed. **DO NOT POST YOUR WEB DEV PITCH OR OTHER SERVICES AS WE WILL IGNORE. IT WILL BE REPORTED TO PPH FOR SPAMMING!** UNACCEPTABLE ENGLISH WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. OS requirements: Windows, Linux Extra notes: We have allocated a handsome budget for this project and FAST+QUICK+GOOD is needed. We may not need a cheap solution unless it can be proven. PROOF OF CONCEPT GRAPHICS ARE TO BE UPLOADED SEPARATELY FOR PITCHING IN PDF & PPT FORMAT.

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Data quality manager, Cloud engineer, Technology assurance,
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