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Creation of a Twitter 'bot'

General information for the business: Twitter social media campaign for small business Kind of development: New program from scratch Description of every module: My client has established that they want to release time spent on Twitter throughout the day by the creation of a desktop application which will be loaded up with their marketing for the month and will push it out at the chosen rate. Description of requirements/functionality: A picture and a tweet text will be loaded into the program - up to 10 different tweets with pictures. The program will allow the user to choose an end date for the promotion activity Each day will have a minimum of 12 tweet slots from 8am to 8pm Each slot will randomly select from the loaded picture and tweets that have not been sent yet that day When however many different loaded tweets have been sent, the counter should reset to zero and further selections made from the 10 possibilities. (So if 10 were loaded, the 11th slot would select from all 10 again) To avoid exactly the same tweet, a short code should be added to the tweet text - such as 1109 - 11th of the month, slot 09. It's envisaged that the program will sit on the desktop and be non invasive. Extra notes:

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Lisp, Git, C#,
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