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Simple Access Database to generate Delivery Notes & Proof Of Posting from RAW CSV Fil

General information for the business: Online retailer Kind of development: New program from scratch Description of every module: Hi all, Looking to develop a simple New Access Database which will Generate Customer Delivery Notes (ie. Invoices without the price) & The Certificate of Posting from 2 different formats of CSV file. Please find attached 1. 2 different formats of CSV Files. Both have different formats and both should be able to be imported to the Access Database. 2. CSV Files have got different rows of customer details such as Names/ Address/ Postcode/ and the item purchased together with the price 3. From the CSV File, delivery notes needs to be created in a special format as point 4. 4. The Delivery Notes should have the same measurements as attached file called "invoice measurements". This is to ensure that the customer's address is printed on an integrated label which can be directly peeled off onto the mailing envelope. 5. Apart from the mail merged address data, our company's return address and stamp should be pre printed on the "label section" i.e the stamp on top of the customer's address & the return address below the customer's address section so that it can be peeled off at once. Attached stamp "ppi_eng_first 22x80". 6. The last section is the proof of posting in the format called "Bulk_Certificate_Posting_Standard - Template". The space gap should be like the one in between 1 & 3 to stick the postage tracking label. Filters would be required by country & also a query which asks the type of posting which we will fill. Once we fill the type of posting, it then generates the same on the Proof Of posting sheet. Description of requirements/functionality: 1. Section to upload Stamp Image, which gets used in the Delivery note Form 2. Section to write our company's return address, which gets used in the Delivery note Form. 3. Filter for Country, Name, Surname 4. Query to ask which Postal type is being used, which then gets used on the Proof Of Posting Report. In Simple words, its a mail merge database to produce delivery notes and Proof of Posting Extra notes: I can only upload 3 files on People Per Hour, so if you think you can do, please let me know and I can give you all the files in the message thread.

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