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Odoo 10 Module development

General information for the business: ERP Consultant Platform: OpenERP Num. of modules: 1 Description of every module: Having already enabled Project Templates on Odoo 10 through a specific addon (, i need an addon that makes me associate a project template to a product (all kind of products: service, consumable and stockable) so that, as soon as the product is sold (at the Sales Order confirmation), Odoo automatically creates a new project based on the template associated with that product. Description of requirements/functionality: - If a product is sold more than once in the same Sale Order (Ex: Quantity = 3), the system should generate X projects (same number as sold products). - Project(s) created at the Order Confirmation should inherit the customer from the Sales Order, to analytic purposes... - Name of the new project (keeping in mind that there could be more than one project generated from a sales order, should be the "sales order number" followed by the product name that generated the project and a number to identify projects created when the same product has been sold more than once in the same Sale Order (Ex: "SO0129 - Base Website Development - 01"; "SO0129 - Base Website Development - 02"; "SO0129 - Advanced Website Development - 01"...). Extra notes:

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