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Provide local administrative support for an online market research company in Germany

We would need you to be fluent in German (written and spoken). We are an online market research company based in London, working for leading brands such as Sony and the BBC. In 2015 we launched a new service which unlocks Facebook so we can invite people to take part in paid research projects that suit their interests. To give our service a more personal touch, we are building a network of partners around the world. These partners speak with people who have confirmed they want to take part in a project online and give them extra information and reassurance about the process. A typical project would earn you around £100, however this will vary with each project depending on the time requirements. We will pay a deposit of £30. Once you have sent us your timesheets we will pay the remainder, according to the hours you have specified. This job would require: Approximately 1 hour of responding to enquiries via email or social media as well as 4 hours of phone calls, using a Skype account we will provide (and cover the costs of). You will need to explain the following during the phone calls (based on a clear 1-page project specific brief we will provide): - The tasks the research project involves - The reward they will receive and when and how it will be delivered. - The start and end dates of the project. - Who Liveminds are, who we work with etc. We will also provide some FAQs to help answer questions people may have. We’d expect you to keep a log of your time and then send us an invoice at the end of the project which would be payable within 30 days.

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One time job

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Face to Face sales, Telemarketing, Negotiating,
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