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Follow up calls from homeowner list

*job requires knowledge of google docs, access to phone, internet & computer. We are AnchorStone Development, LLC a private real estate company. We are purchasing homes and need your help calling homeowners we have already contacted by mail. The job is calling from our list of homeowners, you will be asking homeowners if they would like to sell their home, you should encourage the homeowners to sell. You will be gathering a bit of information by using our script and directing them to us to finish the deals. You do not have to discuss our offers or purchase prices/numbers with the homeowner. You will only need to follow a script for each call: Example: "are you interested in selling your home, we are prepared to make an offer immediately"..... If they say yes, or maybe to selling their home, we need you to get their best: Full Name Phone number Mailing address Email address Best time to for us to call them And make sure to give them our office #1-800-215-0083 This job is 4 hours per day. We need you to talk to 40-60 homeowners per day from our list. Your results should be entered into google docs as they happen, and saved at the end of day. Between the hours of 4:30pm-8:30pm EST (New York City time)

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One time job

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Telemarketing, Cold calls, B2B,
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