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Presentation design - done using 'indesign'

Information for the business: I help start-up's with their strategy Industry: Art and Design Kind of design: Full presentation Target audience: Graphic designers, Virtual Assistants Number of slides needed: UP to 20 Data and special elements to include: it will need some data shown in charts and it will need some image and text pages and it will have some number pages. Ideally if you can be a bit creative in terms of how to present numbers in a graphic way that's going to be very powerful Ideas for the visual style: Contemporary - I work for design related companies Extra notes: Dear Designer friends. I am a freelance consultant working with design related start ups to help them pull their business plans and strategies together. I have just been taken on to do a business plan and brand positioning document. This is going to take me 3-4 months to deliver and should result in a 20 page powerpoint type document except it needs to look slicker than I can do in powerpoint. I want to write up the slides in powerpoint/or a diagram on a scrap of paper and to get your help to make it look professional. I don't have vast amounts of budget but I do this kind of work a lot so there is every chance we can do more of these projects together. I am looking for someone who is flexible who won't mind doing the odd pages at a time so that i can present these back to the client and then at the end pulling it all together so its ready for board or investor presentation. I am happy to pay an hourly rate but i'm hoping that this rate could be competitive as i would ideally like to use you for work in the future. Do send me some samples of your work and let me know how you like to work and the types of clients you work with. Thanks Melissa

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Adobe InDesign, Prezi, Ready Mag,
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