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Experienced - expert - e/commerce SEO EXPERT

SEO is far harder than it used to be . E-Commerce SEO is even harder and requires a higher degree of knowledge and work-rate to succeed. I am therefore looking for SUCCESFUL / PROVEN experts of e-commerce SEO. You will be an experienced e-commerce SEO expert. Proof of succesful projects required. I am starting a suite of e-commerce websites from scratch and need the following : 1. You will be a PROVEN E-Commerce SEO expert with proven RESULTS you can show at taking e-commerce websites to page one of Google through clean SEO. 2. There will be 3 websites to start with, another 3 later . 3. You will start with -Keyword research - Then on-page seo - Then ongoing SEO monthly 4. Then REDESIGN a current wix website to fit the other websites . That website is : Have a look. You will redesign the website above to make it more user friendly, fresher and catchy. 5. The other websites will be : a) A women's fashion website - brand new but using the tendenzamenswear template b) A women's bags website c) A men's shoes website d) A perfumes website e) All the above to use a tweak / redesign of the tendenza website. All the above websites will be integrated to facebook / pinterest / amazon / instagram/ tweeter and ebay. You will set up tweeter . I will get the rest designed then you integrate them into all the websites. My suggestion n pay is as follows : 1. Keyword research 5 websites - £15 each = £75.00 total 2. Redesign of tendenza wix template to have 6 sites = £30 each = £180.00 in total 3. On page SEO - £30 BY 6 = £180.00 FOR 6 SITES 4. Monthly ongoing SEO per month. £300.00 per month for 3 websites to start with. £300 PER MONTH ONGOING SEO FOR 3 WEBSITES. You will be an experienced e-commerce SEO expert. Proof of succesful projects required.

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Google AdWords, Content marketing, E-mail marketing,
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