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SEO Search And Technical Audit

SEO candidates will be given restricted view to Search Console data and Google Analytics Data ---Audit Structure--- The SEO Audit should prioritize improvements with a structure like: 1. The Issue 2. The suggested improvement 3. An estimate on the overall investment: Time, Energy, Money it takes for a) developers implement the improvement and for b) Google Search as well as searchers and customers to recognize the improvement. Talk to developers to understand what technical constraints may exist. 4. Estimated positive business impact: Might be a) a ranking that will lead to more visitors and conversions or b) a back-end change that cleans up your site and helps your brand be more agile in the future 5. A plan on how to iterate and improve on the implementation or perhaps how to experiment and fail fast should the results not meet expectations. ---Technical Audit Structure--- Review the site for issues related to: Internal linking Crawlability URL parameters Server connectivity Response codes ---Search Audit Structure--- Break down our search queries into categories 1.Branded 2.Unbranded (ex. email) For unbranded queries, make sense of online competitive landscape. Types of queries it would make sense for our the business to rank, what our competition has done and why do you think they rank where they do. Recommendations for how to improve rankings in those queries and the entire searcher experience. Learn from the competition: what our competitors do well? Can we reach parity or potentially surpassing them in utilities or can we better show customers our business’s unique value?

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Social networks, Promo campaign, Google Keyword Planner,
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