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Next step is to improve the SEO of the site and to begin ranking well organically for the keywords and phrases we have identified with the keyword research. The customer in particular wants the website images to rank well in google image searches for the chosen keywords. The website also seems to be ranking well already in google for most of the key terms, however on Bing searches for the same keywords the site is non existent which is strange. The customer is currently mainly targeting the Australian Market and is looking to move into new regions to promote their products we are currently running an adwords campaign at the moment to target new areas but also are keen to ensure that we get good organic rankings also. I have a basic understanding of SEO so I understand that we need to start with the website itself and create any on site changes that will help with indexing the site and images. With link building also I know this can work if done correctly but have heard some bad elements if not done correctly. I have some ideas around what we need to do Step - 1 : Full Website SEO Health Check Step - 2 : On Page Optimisation Step - 3 : Social Media Set Up Step - 4: Content Marketing & Link Building Also setting up GLTDs to help target the website to different regions for example ( ( ( This will allow us to target the site at a different regional markets and also give us the control to create country specific content if you want to adjust the site content dependent on the country in which it is viewed.

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