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Professional SEO Consultant for Private Entity

I am HEREAFTER referred to as Client. Client is seeking SEO assistance with primary focus Bing and Yahoo. Client has premium BrandYourSelf account. Client is a veteran IT professional in business dev. Negative results currently out rank client's public accolades. Main Tasks - Provide, upon request, explanation of detail in service rendered to prevent any perpetuity and training. - Address and resolve : Google removed illegal posting of client on a popular mug-shot service, Bing is noncompliant. Yahoo unattempted. Iphone users using default browser default to Bing. - Increase positive results to first pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo that is reasonable sustainable with clients LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, Brand Yourself Account. - Client has registered domain names reasonable required for project more domain suggestions may be required. - Prior to any work provide estimate with timeline and cost.

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One time job

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Social networks, Promo campaign, Newsletters,
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