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I need a Social Media Post Strategist

Hi! I am a multimedia consultant and I have a few different clients whose social media profiles I'm starting to manage. I need a person who can create weekly/monthly strategies for various clients' social media profiles. These strategies need to consist of relevant content and well-researched topics. You do not need to create any graphics for the posts, I will do it myself. I just need a weekly timeline and post content per platform, per client. The post topics do not need to be unique for each social platform; for example, today's post topic about apples can be posted on all platforms. They will, however, have to fit in with that specific platform's word count/format/style, specified by you. Social media platforms and their relevant strategies you need to know: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Not all clients have all of these, but if you do not know one of these in-depth, please do not apply. This job will entail: one month's social media marketing strategy, for one startup client, for the 2-4 different specified social media platforms. I will ask you to send me a general strategy (no topics necessary) before we begin, and then send each week's content in advance on the previous Friday. My budget is not entirely fixed, but if you would like to earn more you will have to really convince and impress me. There is a very good chance of repeat work if the client and I are happy with the quality of work and there is a positive improvement of the company's social media presence. I will be able to start marketing this service to my other clients, thus more work for you! Any questions are welcome. Your chances of getting the job are higher if you can send me a rough strategy outline directly (don't post it in the questions, people will use it for themselves) and/or propose a lower price. Good luck and looking forward to working with one of you soon! (Please note that I will be hiring you to work for me, and I will ask you to not contact my clients directly unless I ask you to. The same way I promise not to use one of the strategy outlines you send for your job proposal.)

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