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I cannot mention the particular platform's name, but the social media platform with all the images... We need someone with some technical knowledge about the platform. So, we're not looking for someone who just creates content and doesn't know the ins and outs of the platform. We have content creators but now we need experts! To prove your knowledge, in your proposal, can you answer the following: - Name one way you have gained a steady following on client accounts in the past - Name one way of getting increased engagement on your posts - How you decide what to post and when - When an account is suddenly getting zero likes on posts, but previously got lots, what does that mean? - Why do you like this platform? - What makes you good at this platform? - Do you have experience in graphic design? - How many hashtags do you think you should use per post? - In A/B testing, what if the same post on one account gets 2 likes and on the other 220, but they have the same amount of followers and hashtags. What does that mean? - Please show example accounts that you manage or have managed in the past. Standard proposals will be rejected as we need the answers to these questions. Thanks in advance! Oh, and we're looking to start immediately. Please quote for one month's management

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