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Social Media Marketing Assistant, To help build Brand/Platform from the ground up.

Hey, My name is craig mccormack aka Macca, a british inventor and video maker, I’ve designed and made loads of mad stuff but i’m probably more well known for inventing the VW doubleback which has had over 20M views on youtube and featured in loads of big media. (just type doubleback van into youtube) I'm in the process of setting up a new Youtube channel called MaccaMakes. It is a channel which film the design and build of all my weird and wonderful creations. They should be novel enough to gain many views and even go viral. Some of the inventions filmed, may be taken to market using crowdfunding sites like kickstarter, creating new products and possibly brands like the Doubleback. Filming is under way on the first 8 videos which will launch on youtube in one go. 1-2 weekly videos will then follow building the channel and subscriber base. I am looking for a creative assistant to start at the beginning of this project to help build the brand/platform from the ground up. Starting with - -Daily Social media. Build the social media from the ground up, directing traffic to various projects and youtube channel (I have many interesting photos and vids to help) -Help grow the brand in creative ways -analyse and report growth This will be an ongoing project so please suggest how this would work from your end. Thanks Craig

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