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Social Media Assistant for content proofreading

I have two Twitter accounts with content being posted via Buffer from an RSS feed. These tweets are generated automatically, however there are some cases where the tweets haven't been written properly, and need proofreading before going out. Account #1 has 21 tweets per week, and posts digital marketing content Account #2 has 21 tweets per week, and posts fintech/blockchain/bitcoin content The work will be as follows: - On a Saturday or Sunday, checking Buffer queues for the following week - Ensuring company and country names and technology acronyms have been capitalised correctly e.g. Ibm -> IBM; usa -> USA; spacex -> SpaceX; seo -> SEO - Ensuring key hashtags haven't been missed out. I'll provide the key hashtags for each account. - If there are any broken images as attachments, removing the attachment and adding the correct one (Buffer provides a selection from the article after a few seconds, it's usually obvious which one is the correct one) I've been doing this myself for the past few months, and I currently spend around 5 minutes per day checking up on the day's content for those two accounts. However, if you were to do it in one block for a week's content, I'd estimate an hour's work. In your proposal, please quote for one month's worth of work (4 hours), and use the word 'sausage' (points for creativity) somewhere so I know that you've read the full project description. I also have other 4 accounts that I'd give you within the next month, assuming you do a good job with the first two. English as a *first* language is a requirement, as well as some experience with Buffer. An understanding of digital marketing topics is *crucial*, and knowledge of fintech/blockchain would be a big bonus.

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