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Android App - Bluetooth Development

General information for the app: Internal application for the sporting industry Kind of development: Customization of existing app Description of requirements/features: We are a sporting company which has an existing application that logs basic assessment information for students undertaking a session by an instructor We are developing a wristband prototype which will be logging all sorts of information via an accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. We require the existing application to be modified to allow for Bluetooth commands between the watch and the mobile/tablet device. The functionality would be: • Start a session • End a session • Get the log data • Get the battery For the application, the following would be required: • Adjustment to an existing page start and stop a session for a student. • When the device is detected via an NFC Tap, it should show the battery status (via bluetooth commands) • A new screen to get the log data. This would work by the user putting the device under the NFC to activate and the data sent to the server. This would allow the user to quickly and easily log multiple watches. The following assumptions are made: • The start and stopping of a session can be done without an internet connection • An internet connection is required to get the log data, where the information is sent to the server. More information can be provided as to the details of the manufacturer's commands. This watch will also be provided in order to test and debug the functionality. Extra notes:

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