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An Android mobile App

General information for the app: The app is a Call manager. Incoming calls, Calling out, Settings and Registration of friends on a contact list. Kind of development: New app from scratch Num. of web pages/modules: Four screens Description of requirements/features: The App has four screens: 1. Start-Callout screen. This screen is to call a person from the list (friends’ list) created on the Registration screen. Friends’ can be selected from a list. Programmers should be able to bring the personal details from the database (friends’ list). 2. Incoming call screen. The incoming caller could be unknown or could be one of the people on the friends’ list. The screen will show the details of the caller and will provide an option to accept or not to accept the call. The incoming screen is not the screen that is usually popping up on a mobile. The incoming call should be directed to our INCOMING-CALL screen. 3. Settings screen. This screen is for the users to make various settings related to the way the App functions. Settings should be saved and used again without the need for the user to make settings again. 4. Registration screen. On this screen, you register a friend and create a small database, a contact list which includes the following fields: name and or surname of the friend, mobile number of the friend, photo of the friend, recorded name of the friend. We want to make sure the developer is reliable, trustful, serious, committed, is available to develop and is experienced in similar Apps. Extra notes:

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Xamarin, Objective C, Blackberry OS,
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