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Simple Android Application Development

General information for the app: Expert Android app developer Kind of development: New app from scratch Description of requirements/features: Hi, I'm looking for a developer to develop a simple Android application. The application should be two pages: The main page: -> 3 buttons that trigger a https request to an exisiting rest service and the application checks the response code. -> The main page has one status indicator with 3 possible states based on the response from a https request to an exisiting rest service. Application should make a request and check the response approx once every second while the user is viewing the main page only. The configuration page: -> Allows user to store/edit 3 configuration strings and one 4-6 digit pin code. -> Once a pin is set the user cannot view or update the configuration page without entering the pin code. A working protype of the application exists written in HTML5 for intel XDK. It shows the functionality of the main page but configuration is currently built into the application and cannot be changed. All logos, layout, and button images exist for the main page so not much graphical / ui design to be done. This is only client side development. The server side is an exisiting REST service. I can provide the source code of the Intel XDK application as a guide. Requirements: Application must be written for Android in Java with minimal dependencies on external libraries. Developer must provide source code for review and source code is owned entirely by me. I need a quick turn around -- approx 1-2 weeks. This is not a complicated application. A competant and experienced Android developer should be able to bring it to life in less than that time. Extra notes:

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Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS, BADA,
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