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Mobile Application Development

General information for the app: It is a social networking application for sharing events, hobbies, get togethers, etc. Kind of development: Customization of existing app Description of every page/module: The main pages of the app are as follows: The Feed Page - This is just a news feed full of all of the events posted by followed users with likes comments, etc. The Post Page - This a three tier page where the title, description, dates, category, photo and location are all filled before posting. The Map Page - This consists of a map view showing the profile image as a marker and any circle queries events as you pan around the map. The Profile Page - This is the current users profile page showing followers, following, posts and event images posted. The Notifications Page - This is just a notifications page alerting the user when new events have been posted and tags, likes etc. Other pages include settings, comments, user profiles, hastag views, etc. Description of requirements/features: I have developed the app using swift 3 with Xcode 8, I have used Google's firebase for all of my api calls, storage, database etc. I am in no way a fully experienced application developer so there is some features that I need implementing and the overall code looking at to improve efficiency an reliability where possible. Features needed to be implemented: Blocking/Reporting Users Sharing Posts/Events Requesting/Accepting To Join Events Custom Pin Annotations On Map Deleting Posts/Comments Properly Ordering Feed & Notifications And I also have the intention of migrating from Google's firebase to something more scalable, efficient and reliable to support thousands of users with the recommendation from someone a lot more knowledgeable on this subject. Another future prospect is to duplicate this app to the android store. Extra notes: This is a great project to be involved with. I am after a well experienced developer that has a high level of communication. Thank you for your time I look forward to hearing from you.

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