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Mobile app development iOS & Android

General information for the app: App that records footage and sends to a secure server for storage and retrieval Kind of development: New app from scratch Description of requirements/features: Important UK freelances preferred and you must agree to a chat in advance and treat it as an interview with a valid working contact number. Project A custom iOS and Andorid mobile app that allows the user to capture video footage, with a time stamp. The video can start with one call to action button, simple click or by voice activation and optionally allows you to register additional information to accompany the footage. All the usual video play capabilities. Any video captured is automatically tagged with the user ID or linked to the registered details of the user, when they initially registered on the app for the first time. The video can under the users prompt be stored locally, uploaded to a specific cloud account assigned to the select group recipients with those group recipients that can be configured to view the footage. The user can be promoted to delete the footage when uploaded or back it up on local device as well as the server. End to end encryption when sending footage to the server. Nice front end GUI interface that allows the above features and a combined CMS for both products to simply configure recipients, video, server, may be upload a new background or whatever you can imagine. etc. Require both IOS and Android, and a cloud database to hold the video for remote, privileged access viewing. This is not a project for app building DIY platforms, unless they are open platforms allowing you to add API integration and get down to code level. I understand it could cost more despite the budget set but give me your best price in any case. Full project scope will be sent to the successful candidate and the price can be agreed. Specific technologies required: X code / java mobile app development Extra notes: Good proven experience in app development with a portfolio of work and client contacts to check your credentials. Note; As we are both in the UK, deposit will only be offered after all credentials are checked and expect you to sign an NDA and supplier agreement to support the product. Specific technologies required: Swift, X-code, objective-c & Javc Extra notes:

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