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Create an offline Voice Command app

General information for the app: The app uses voice command technology Kind of development: New app from scratch Description of requirements/features: Hi, I am looking for someone experienced to create an app for both IOS and Android that is based around voice command technology. The app is going to be very successful and I have alot of orders in principle already for when the app is launched. I am looking not to hire a developer but for a developer who has the vision to become a partner in the business with me and to benefit from the profits which will be substantial. This will benefit the business with an ongoing developer to ensure its optimal performance and growth. The user will need to be able to set up the app before use by providing the app with words spoken by themselves that will need to be recognised to be used later. The UI should be nice, smooth and not overly complicated. The logo and designs will be provided. I am looking for an independent freelancer, not a development company for this job! If you are a company or bidding on behalf of a company, please don't bid. If you have experience, think you can create a really great voice command app and are interested in becoming a partner, please get in touch and we can discuss the full details further. Please get in touch here mitchellleary (at) hot (dot) C.o m to discuss further. Thanks and i look forward to hearing from you. Extra notes:

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ReactJS, Blackberry OS, BADA,
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