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IOS/Android app development (I have the design)

General information for the app: Users and Establishments will communicate through the App and receive mutual updates Kind of development: New app from scratch Num. of web pages/modules: 10 Description of requirements/features: The App intends to be an iOS/Android social App with 2 parts, a Front Office for Users and a kind of Back Office for Establishments. I have the design almost done, I need the development. A User will see a world map pinned with establishments,closer to his/her actual location or see the list or search or filter to select an establishment, move on the map or the list then select and read the establishment details and establish communication to receive the information required or available entering in the establishment list of users today or in the required day, also will be able to rate the establishment and their activities, mark them as favorites, create their own social group, make it public in Social medias and so on. Establishment and users will communicate either updating the message on app opened screen, like a chat or vibrating the user phone like an incoming call or via SMS messages to the phone if app not opened on user. The app should be able to generate and read QR codes to connect user with establishment and enter in the list. In many cases the establishment will do their data entry and position on the map their selves, in other cases our company will do it for them. The app services and SQL Database will be hosted on Azure Cloud. The company will own the code. Specific technologies required: Desirable but NOT strict: Native iOS in C#, MVC, Angular 2 Similar urls: DoJo app, EET APP, Waze Extra notes:

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Xamarin, ReactJS, iOS,
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