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A bot app system for a certain mobile game

Hello Thank you for the reply, The game is called little empire it is found in the App Store. It a war based game where you attack enemies and have Allies in which you participate in battle with. I can supply you with a account to help you develop bot app. In this game you have certain features. I want to be able to manipulate 4 features.1st I would like a feature that restocks troops every 4 hoursThen I would like a feature that participates in two types of pvp battle. One is called battle field, battlefield has a in game bot system but if you use it 5 times they ban you from battle field I would like to bot with out being banned .also cell battles. You have little cages where you can look for other enemies and attack them to put them in your cell. To find the person you have to look threw a random finder. I want a feature that can find people by name and attack them automatically daily. The last feature I would like to add is an auto defence system. Design to put troops to protect base when after being conquered.last I would like it to be available for 6users or more. do you think this is possible. would I need a server to have the app I'm new to this I could use an explanation on what I need on my end.

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