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Im looking for talented mobile apps developer

General information for the app: The App targets Students Kind of development: New app from scratch Description of requirements/features: The App is downloaded and accessed by signing in with Google, Facebook or Linkedin and then the user has to create his profile by answering 5 questions. There is a facility which I call Student Search Engine that, based on the 5 answer that each user has give when signing in, the search of other students can be filtered and narrowed down by other users (Students). Or if a user knows the name of the person who he/she is looking for, that can be directly inserted in the search engine. An other facility is the 10 "twitter chat rooms" available in the home main page which can be enter and exited at any time to see what is going on, to post videos, files, shared from gallery or other social medias, etc.. The reason why I called it "twitter chat rooms" is due to the fact that it must be engaging, interactive like Twitter or Facebook no like a What's App chat. The extra characteristics are the voting system for the post uploaded or the questions answered on the chat rooms to assess people reliability and king of stimulate users to write accurate things and not just mess about. Additionally, users, once signed in are following every other users but they can choose not to (Switch to Not-follow) or if they particularly like someone posts and stuff and they decide to follow everything that user says or post they will press Favorite, so it will automatically allow them to see everything that student does. Extra notes:

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One time job

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Xamarin, Objective C, iOS,
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