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I need a talented ios/android developer

General information for the app: Brief – Social Live Stream App Kind of development: New app from scratch Description of every page/module: We are looking to build a social live stream app similar to Inke – broadcast to build in ios and android. Description of requirements/features: (Broadcaster) -Video Live stream from mobile -In video Interactivity via text chats -Beautification filters for broadcasters -Sound beautification tools -Receive digital gifts -Get money into account based on % split -Display viewers watching live -Display number of followers -Display Money earned -Display number of likes -Can view top fans based on gifts given -Profile – scrapped from FB, or which ever social media used to login -Monitoring of bad language from viewers (Viewer) -View list of current live streams -Social Likes and shares -In video Interactivity via text chats -Be able to share link to broadcast on other social media -Put credit on account (paypal) -Buy digital gifts -Give digital gifts -Follow broadcaster -Stickers -Fan base -Followers -By pressing one button they can become a broadcaster themselves -Explore page to see: top rank broadcasters , new broadcasters, nearby broadcasters, -Can view top fans rnaked based on gifts given per broadcaster -Add friends -Search function for broadcasters -See rankings of broadcasters based on number of viewers, cash collected, new fans - Push Notification of when favorite broadcasters are going live -Profile – scrapped from FB, or which ever social media used to login. Similar urls: Extra notes: Things to consider: -Phone capability -Live stream connectivity -Internet bandwidth -Smartphone videoing capabilities -Security -Payments -Video compression -Monitoring for unauthorized usage nudity etc. -Monitoring of foul language

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ReactJS, Objective C, iOS,
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