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I need a logo/ brand design for my website

Information for the business: new website/app tool to quote vehicle branding in minutes, revolutionising the signtrade sales process Industry: Business Type of logo: Word mark, Abstract mark, Pictorial mark Brand name/slogan in logo: likk. (likk graphikk) ..bespoke graphics, really quikk Ideas for the visual style: typog pictoral face Things to avoid: no more than 2 colours/ must work in mono Preferred colors: white text on cyan or red mostly love feel of www. Where the design will be used: website, print ,vehicle wrap, grand format, clothing Extra notes: Brand creation guide: Likk. graphikk Website is a powerful transport branding coverage quoting engine / walks you through buying process in minutes ..using questions ... Copy typog - (Questions) super fresh clear / friendly like - or rounded light fresh - Likk. typog : Sharp as a razor, distilled futura medium font dev? transport branding /graphics service company from the future quick easy, friendly, fun/quirky, vibrant happy customer focussed company, web page scheme : I like the calm minimal happy valley/ our world background scheme. twitter header but way more simple vector 2 colour - Pictoral mark -face icon for LIkk. Was born inspired from seeing an ice cream fridge on holiday in venice recently: - love the simple distilled lick face . so warm approachable and happy.. the round face is very nest-able for repeat graphics schemes - web footers /grand format/ wraps / watermarks shape speech bubble? square face emoji? I love all linework people -super minimal distilled 2 colour vector imagery on Colourway: Flat cyan base colour way represents a happy blue sky (slight gradient possible) White distilled 2 colour ... also must work in mono like excellent typog linework creative detail/ illusions Love the vgl supporting dots theme and pop art chevrons .. the dot after likk. is key ! I look forward to your quotation. I have uploaded my first 2hours results of mood boarding in AI I'm very happy with the "likk." typo direction .. not sure on strapline typog. This was me trying to use easy jet strapline copy typog style vibe I hope this helps, I look forward to your quote and or examples of this style. Paul Errington likk graphikk ltd

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