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Design and branding for a Jackpot feature

Information for the business: We are a casino site Industry: Entertainment Type of logo: Abstract mark Ideas for the visual style: Coins, glowing orbs, cash signs ... Things to avoid: Anything that could be considered as targetting minors Where the design will be used: Web, emails Extra notes: We are about to launch a new feature on our casino site, called at the moment "Mystery Jackpot". Players on our site will have a chance to win one of 3 jackpots, in addition to their normal wins, on any spin they make : mini jackpot, medi jackpot, maxi jackpot. The values of those jackpots will be displayed on the home page of the site, with the an icon for each one. We are looking for a design for: - The Mystery Jackpot logo / brand, which will be displayed on site and in our communications - Jackpots icons: they should be a variation of the same thing, ideally conveying the idea of progressive value Icons should be easy to view / read on mobile. Attached is a presentation on how the Mystery Jackpot will work, with some early mockup of how it would look like. We are running multi-brand sites : the site layout for each casino is identical, but the logos, colours and content are unique per site. Here are 2 examples: - - For reference, a similar feature exists on a competitor's site:

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