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Logo Design

Information for the business: Travel Industry: Lifestyle/Travel Type of logo: Word mark, Abstract mark Ideas for the visual style: Minimal Extra notes: I need to create the logo for the Sub-brand, but I would like this sub-brand to be more current, modern, professional, that's remember something technological. This Sub-brand is an APP, as you can find in "AirBNB Experiences". We connect local people who have special skills like: photographers, chefs, architects, to sell their experiences to travelers. Not just an ordinary sightseeing, but something made for local people that knows their cities like no one and can provide a totally unique experience. The main brand is an online travel agency and I am attaching the brand book, but please take it in mind that you don't need to use the same typography nor the color, you can create from the scratch, however try to don't use colors that make the contrast too high. The Idea is to put this logo and beside it "by Zanzar" which is the main brand, like: "INSIDE by Zanzar" just keep in mind that the INSIDE can have their own life in the future, so it can be totally different. the name of the app is INSIDE, wich means I going to use the brand as " INSIDE by Zanzar", however as I said, "by Zanzar" I will keep. using the as the original layout

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