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I need a graphic designer with a background in branding, logo and package design

Information for the business: adult subscription service online Industry: Lifestyle/Travel Design details: PLEASE DO NOT INQUIRE ABOUT THIS PROJECT WITHOUT PROVIDING SAMPLES OF PROJECTS YOUVE WORKED ON! I am currently looking for a graphic designer to design a simple and sexy/bold custom lettering logo for my business. This business is based online and is aimed at building a community of subscribers. The logo and overall brand identity is: CLEAN, IRIDESCENT AND SEXY. The best candidate will have a background in creating product packaging as well as logos and brand packages. The packaging aspect of this project is really important as it is the customers first introduction to the brand apart from our website. Further details about the business venture will be discussed with the chosen freelancer. PACKAGING DESIGN JOB DESCRIPTION: This design is for an adult oriented monthly subscription service where clients receive fun toys in the mail every month for their chosen subscription term. This design will be the customers first physical introduction to our companies products and services. With that being said we want this design to scream WOW factor. The attachment below is the theme of the brand(iridescent and unisex in style). The box would be a practical, beautiful and eye catching carrier for our subscribers to travel with their chosen products. The design of this packing will be: - Portable with longer handles that can be tucked into the box or carried by the handle. -Textured/Embossed ( I am open to different texture concepts; embossed crocodile, etc) The goal is to have the clients initial reaction be "OHH SHINY!!". Attributes the chosen the design will have: -Multiple layers for storage -Two handles for easy carrying(handle that can be tucked into the box) -iridescent textured design all over outer appearance of packaging -Please use the images provided for inspiration and use some creative license with consideration for the details provided. PLEASE contact with any further questions: Target audience: adults with sex positive attitudes Messages to communicate through the design: The story I'd like conveyed to my consumers through the logo and packaging is one that must be inquired about. The logo and the packaging will be so eye-catching and mysterious that others can't help but inquire "what is in the box?" The packaging and logo should get an initial response of "OHH SHINY" Ideas for the visual style: embossed crocodile skin, iridescent, futuristic look, modern Things to avoid: dark colors, overtly sexy Urls to draw inspiration from: WWW.LELO.COM Where the design will be used: print, package for products, online and print Extra notes: PLEASE PROVIDE SAMPLES OF PROJECTS YOUVE WORKED ON BEFORE

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Content strategist, Makeup artist, Composer,
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