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Tattoo artist

Information for the business: i am looking for a tattoo to be designed Industry: Art and Design Design details: I would like a tattoo designed for the left peak of my chest. The tattoo will be of a soldier (Roman period) with a sword in right hand held upright, the handle will be chest height and blade will point upwards. Along the blade, the word SPIRIT will be written Left hand will be holding a round shield across their body (protecting the torso). The word FAITH will be written and repeated around the edge of the whole shield. The centre of the sheild will have the phrase " No weapon formed against me shall prosper" in a font suited for the time period. Soldier will be wearing a chest plate, along the centre the word Righteousness will be written soldier will be wearing traditional sandals with the word readiness written along a strap a helmet covering the majority of face withthe word SALVATION written down the nose guard. the helmet will also have a horse mane coming out of the top. around the soldier's waist, there will be a Pteruges which is: a skirt of leather or fabric strips that were worn around the waist to protect the upper legs. Pteruges could be fitted with small metal studs and plates to provide additional protection. the soldier will also be wearing a sword belt with the word TRUTH along the buckle the look of the tattoo must look aged/ historic i.e. shield, sword and helmet look like it has been through battles all text must be an old type of font any facial features must be that of an afro carribean ( black person) Messages to communicate through the design: soldier of GOD. wearing the armour of God. power, strength, assertiveness, success, seriousness Ideas for the visual style: bold, emotive, powerful Things to avoid: smiles, anything demonic Where the design will be used: skin/ left chest peck Extra notes:

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Content strategist, Body artist, Nail artist,
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