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Information for the business: Broker Technology Trading Company Industry: Internet/Software Design details: Require a Very High Quality applicant with Exceptional Commercial Portfolio to apply within. Urgent Design Task: - Broker Technology Company requires to stand-out from competition (for the RIGHT reasons in logo design) - Design concept baseline ideas are already on offer, it's the design that needs to be finalised and delivered Task Details: 1. Build the Concept Logo Image 2. Build the Company Name next to/on/around Logo 3. Deadline: 6 Calendar Days from Proposal Acceptance. You will receive FULL co-operation, details and scope for design and fast response to any questions. Must be a true professional who realises this construct represents a very big brand therefore high quality expectation is non negotiable. IMPORTANT: The Logo Concept, tagline and desired theme already done. Need the graphic to be achieved. Target audience: International Brokers and High end Broker Companies Ideas for the visual style: Arm reach turning into Money, Puzzle piece into Cash Things to avoid: No Template or Brand/Logo copy from other Finance Tech Groups. Preferred colors: Green and Yellow or Green and Blue Where the design will be used: In Print, Copy, Company Website, Branding and Publishing Houses Extra notes: MUST be Very High Quality build. Applicants with no proven commercial success will not be considered. Successful applicant will be eligible for further high-end ongoing assignments if interested.

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Adobe Illustrator, SVG-edit, Vectr,
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