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I need a high quality infographic poster

I would like a professional graphic designer to produce a high quality, engaging, stunning, interesting infographic poster for me. The poster is about the implementation of a new electronic patient record system in a large community and mental health NHS trust. I need the designer to review the healthcare organisation's website to pick up styles, colour schemes, graphics and to review a few powerpoint decks that contain some diagrams to explain the current state of the information systems and the future state when the new system is implemented. The target audience is the large number of end users of the system (approx 7,000 people) who work in a wide range of healthcare practitioner roles. The aim is to give them an understanding of the scale and complexity of the programme but in a way that simplifies and it and makes it understandable and meaningful to them. Ideally there will be a section of the poster that shows the benefits of the new system from a clinician's point of view and from a patients point of view, with some nice clear, consistent and professional looking infographics. The poster must be produced in a format where it can be printed on a large resolution size e.g. A0 without losing quality of the image resolution of any of the graphics included. To get this work done to the required professional standard and quality it will take several hours work - I am more interested in realistic quotes from experienced designers than cheap quotes from amateurs. That said, I am funding from my own pocket and have a budget limit and the job must be realistically priced and affordable. I would like the opportunity to review 2-3 draft versions and to comment and agree amendments / improvements before the final version is agreed. The final version must be ready no later than 12th July 2017 to ensure there is time for printing hard copies for a large event where the posters will be displayed. If possible, it would be useful to have a version that can be projected onto a large screen in powerpoint format too. I will shortlist freelancers based on initial proposals before sharing the website and powerpoint presentations. thank you.

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