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Here is the project document Here is the project doc Donate Track – Project Brief 2.2 Design It is felt that the most important thing is to get a good CMS (Content Management System) to control the site and give the ability to alter the content without any delay. All in all, we require a site that is simple, aesthetically good and permits expansion and easy maintenance and updating. Site must also have the basic data security protection. 2.3 Key Message Our major objective is to simplify the art of giving. We do this in 3 simple gestures You SELECT, You GIVE and You TRACK 3.0​Why Donate Track? The DonateTrack mobile giving app makes your life easier - it’s faster, informal and convenient to collect donations, church tithes and offerings. Features & Benefits √ Faster than online giving No websites or passwords to remember No loading of web pages Goodbye to registration forms to fill out Easy database integration √ Friendlier than text donations No SMS numbers or codes to memorize Easier tracking of each donation and organization to the last digit No limits to how much or how often you can give √ Faster than giving kiosks Immediate; no kiosk queue Does not require your cash, check or credit cards Your information is private; no kiosk attendant presence 1.0. Project Services DonateTrack Services include but not limited to the following: ✓ Phone Support ✓ E Mail Support ✓ Guaranteed Next Day Deposit ✓ Periodic Statement – Monthly, Quarterly or Annually ✓ Fund Raising ✓ Lower Admin Cost ✓ ACH – Automatic Check Holding capability ✓ Etc Website will have the following features: 1. For NGO’s/ Organizations/ Churches: - Registration and Login system. - Profile dashboard where they can see notifications regarding the donations they receive and also their previous payment histories. - They will also be able to receive monthly reports** of the total amount of donations they received for that particular month. - These notifications would also be available on their registered mobile numbers using text messages. - During their registration, they will input their organization name and zipcode, and their address details would be automatically fetched from Google to verify the organization’s validity. 2. For Donors: - Registrations and Login System. - Profile dashboard where they can see notifications regarding the donations they have made to different organizations and also their previous payment histories. - They will also receive monthly reports** for their total spending. - They will also receive mobile notifications. - They would be able to search various organizations on the site and donate to the one they would like. Both Donors and Organizations would receive email and text notifications once any transaction is done. 3. For Admin: - Admin would be able to manage the users of the site along with the website content. - Admin would be able to manage the commission percentage that he would like to receive per transaction. - Monthly report generation would be done by the admin. Regarding payment system we are still reviewing both Stripe and Securegive to check which will better suit your requirements. ** Reports would be basic information regarding how much an organization received and how much a donor gave to the organizations. I want a designer to produce graphics in 3D which I will use to develop the websites .The graphic s can be in form of picture taken with very sharp images

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