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Custom code 3D Tree model (rotating) to display on hover user information

General information for the website: It's basically a NGO website. We'll show a tree of registered users. Num. of web pages/modules: 1 Description of every page/module: Concept: It's a 3D and 360 degree rotating tree. It can be viewed in 360 degree using mouse pointer. Requirement: There are 2 colours of leaves (dark green and light green) Initially tree would have light green leaves. When someone makes registration to website leaves would turn to dark green with user data attached to leave. On hover to dark green leave, it should give a popup with user image and a few details. See the attached tree model and the popup required. It's just an image of one sided view of 3D tree. Description of requirements/features: I need to place this coded tree on my website which is built in WordPress. I need to code each leaf so that it automatically changes colour (from light green to dark green) as sign up happens. Once the leaf becomes active, any user can hover on dark leaf and see user information popped up. Attachments: Tree (Active) Tree (Inactive) Popup reference Extra notes:

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Adobe Illustrator, Aftereffects, Vectr,
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