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MS Publisher Product Catalog online and print look book, 1/2 page info sheet and tag

Information for the business: Home Decor - Pillows and Soft Goods Industry: Lifestyle/Travel Design details: please design a customizable and flexible online and .pdf product catalog or look book for home decor. I sell very few of each item. so I need to add and subtract products often. I want you to build the first one with about 140 products 0 maybe 6 products per page?. after that I want to be able to change it myself with ease. But I don't have graphic design software. Please design a cover and back page. Lifestyle Photos on cover and back I want to be able to change easily. Each product will have between 1 to 3 photos, a title, short description, price (I have 3 levels of pricing - wholesale, trade and retail) Can you change the price based on the pricing level that I select at the front of the document? Can I add a "on sale % off" to each product on an ad hoc basis? I'd like a cover page with lifestyle photos, title, subtitle, date, collection, and contact information. I'd like to custom select a few products and make a shorter catalog for special clients on an ad hoc basis. Can this be easy for me to pick and create smaller look books? Can this be online as well as make a pdf of the final book? I like the idea of easily selecting items from am Excel File and merging into the Publisher catalog function. what are ways to integrate this Excel sheet with the website to streamline posting products on website and the look book? Not sure if I'm asking for too much please discuss with me. Target audience: interior designers / store buyers Number of pages needed: 27 Content on the front/back side and body: logo, title, subtitle, "made for:" collection name, date, contact info -- front page Ideas for the visual style: elegant, sophisticated yet simple Things to avoid: casual, too many bells whistles, complex Preferred colors: plum and gold will upload my colors Extra notes: don't know what this should cost. willing to lose features to reduce cost as well. please discuss options. thank you! how would this compare to using MS publisher catalog,, pub html5, or catalogmachine? can I just have you make the first one for me in MS Publisher? ideas? also need redesign of my 1/2 page info sheet (this is double sided will send backside later) and double sided price tag with new colors and logo. should be pretty easy. thank you!! will need pdf's.

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