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I need a couple firetrucks drawn in SketchUp

Information for the business: We manufacture lights that go on firetrucks Design details: I have 5 2D PDF drawings of some firetrucks that I need drawn in Sketchup. the level of detail can be low, but dimensionally the outline of the truck must be accurate. For instance, I do not need every little handle and step drawn 100%, but the shape and outline of the truck is important. We will be loading the sketchup file in to our 3D lighting software to make some recommendations about where to place lights on the truck. The software (and my budget) can not handle extremely complex shapes, so we need it somewhat basic, but still dimensionally accurate. Attached is a screenshot of the level of detail required. Also is a screenshot of the 2Ds I will be providing. (they do not match). This is a fixed-budget project but if this works out, I have tons of these things to do and can keep you busy with work. The final output MUST BE A SKETCHUP FILE (one file per firetruck). I can not work with any other 3D rendering type of file. Sorry! Ideas for the visual style: See attachments Extra notes:

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