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Design a 60 bed care home on autocad

Design details: For a project we require a rough draft of a CAD drawing to sumbit along with a business plan to see lender apetite for funding 1. 60 bed care home - 10 beds on the ground floor , 25 on first floor and 25 on second floor 2. built using modular ( kit ) construction 3. spacious atrium on arrival in ground floor 4 has a 10 table cafe on all 3 floors 5. has a small convenience store on ground 6. there will be a commercial kitchen on the ground floor 7. there will be a laundry on the ground flood 8. there will be a small sluice room on each floor Care home can be U - shaped the 10 rooms on the ground will have a room + living room and kitchenette there will be sliding doors into a secluded garden for all 10 rooms on ground floor all bedrooms to be atleast 15 sq meters . all rooms to have toilets of atleast 4 sqm ( need hand wash basin, toilet and walk in shower ) corridorrs to be 2 meters wide doors to rooms to be 1 meter wide. Ideas for the visual style: luxury care with purple theme Urls to draw inspiration from: Extra notes:

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