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Office floor plans and elevations drown up + 3D

Information for the business: We are a construction company and this is our headquarters. Industry: Business Design details: Hi I need a design of an office building prepared. It is an existing building which needs to be stripped off and refurbished. Please find the attached floor plan showing locations of concrete pillars. Photos of the building also attached. There is is a brick wall on the bottom of the building which goes around the building and it is about .09 meter high. Our insulated cladding panels will start from that wall. We are trying to achieve a modern look office design. All dimensions in meters. Height of Ground floor: 3.9 meter Height of First Floor: 3.5-4.1 meter We need rendered elevations showing insulated panels and windows. Front elevation will have 12 (l) x 2.5 (h) meter glazed section on the first floor. Everywhere else 2 (l) x 1.5 (h) meter windows in between the pillars We will also need floor plans. Attached sketches. These are only indicative. Please propose better solutions. We are going to subdevide the building to form about 17 office units. All fairly small in size axcept for the main office which will be substantially bigger. The main office will occupy front part of the building on both floors. Downstairs there will be a kitchen, gym, WC's and showers and a place where a washing machine and a washing drier can be placed. Upstairs part of the main office will be mainly opened plan. Looking forward to receiving your proposal. Ideas for the visual style: Modern office design Extra notes:

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