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Perfume Bottle 3D modeling

Information for the business: We wanna make our Perfume Branded with our trade mark Industry: Lifestyle/Travel Design details: We are OPERA ENERAL TRADING LLC based in Dubai looking forward to manufacture our perfume bottle with the 3D modeling you will make for us. the 3d model need : 1- special shape bottle looks like cricket bat labeled with our trade mark 2- very good quality 3d design like the European perfume brands 3- perfume box should be labeled with our trade mark The Bottle: I will attach a photo for the needed perfume bottle design, we need (30 ML) bottles made from glass, The shape is like Cricket bat with a cricket ball sprayer, all labeled with our trade mark logo. All the bottles will be from glass and transparent color but the sprayer cover will have several color options based on the perfume inside the bottle. bottle cap: the cap should be leather like texture similar to the real cricket ball , the size should be adjusted to the bottle size. and it should be fixed on top of the sprayer with magnet . The Box: The perfume box should be labeled as the perfume name with high quality printing colors with our label and trade mark Logo on it, and all the needed information. we are looking forward to hear about the cost estimation of the modeling and the process needed. more information will be provided after contacting us. Ideas for the visual style: glass bottle with the shape of cricket bat and the cap looks like cricket ball Preferred colors: similar to the logo Extra notes:

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