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I need a 3D sketchup model of a belt buckle for 3D metal printing

Hi. I represent a small brand in the UK and wanted to 3D print belt buckles in stainless steel or similar after coming across 3D metal printing, however, we don't know which software or app to use as its something we've not dealt with before. We literally want to duplicate our current belt buckles in 2 different sizes. Our buckles were originally cast using a mould but the results were not great in regards to symmetry, finish etc. It was also costly! We have measurements but don't know how to get started with shapeways and don't have anyone who is efficient in CAD software or similar, in our team. So far, we've only managed to get the basic shape of the buckle in Sketchup after spending several hours on it. Mainly because it's something new for us. Perhaps very easy for those skilled in it but this was our first time hence the struggle. Right now, to complete the buckle, we need to have the following done:- Slight curve/bend like the Hermes buckles Corners slightly rounded so it's smoothed out Belt keeper attached on reverse - see attachments Belt hook/prong on reverse - to go in the belt holes - see attachments Logo writing engraved on reverse along with some text - will explain And finally a uniform shape so that the entire shape looks balanced and symmetrical. As you've read, most of the problem was with the details on the reverse of the belt and some finishing touches. We can explain everything in regards to the dimension, size, thickness of the buckle either by providing photos of buckle and/or 2D sketch drawings. We would really appreciate it if we can start this project sooner rather than later. Currently we don't have a big budget so we can only accommodate within a small margin. Please also bear in mind that I cannot disclose the brand info openly due to brand rep. See pictures below for reference as our buckles will be similar. All copywrote artwork and files including skp file of the buckle will be sent once you can confirm the job. Please do let us know how many revisions you can do and what your requirements are however, it's not a complicated task. It's a small but ambitious project :) We look forward to your reply.. Kind regards, Zac

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