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2 second 3d animation required

Information for the business: Graphic Design and Marketing Industry: Business Design details: We are looking for a 3d illustrator / animator to take a flat image of a gorilla (which we have designed) and to animated it into a short 2 second animation. We need the Gorilla to jump into the screen, then bash the window onto the floor with both hands. A sound of a gorilla growling is also required at the right moment. The final specification that we have been given is: .fbx or .max file format We try to stay under 20,000 polygons. Most of our models are in the 5,000 poly range to perform well on older devices. Diffuse texture and normal map at 2048x2048 resolution is preferred. Specular maps are also supported if available. As far as animation, we need: Looping "Idle" animation "Tattoo found" entrance animation (optional) "Tattoo lost" exit animation (optional) Also, these are ideal specs - if the client has any assets to share, even if they are much higher resolution, etc - they can still help us get to the desired look quickly. Sound formats: Prefer uncompressed (wav, 44khz, 16bits, mono) Target audience: B2B, Children Ideas for the visual style: We have a flat visual to take style from Extra notes: Required during the course of this week.

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Unity3d, Character setup, Cinema 4D,
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