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Looking for a 2D animator to produce video content for educational YouTube videos

Information for the business: Second Thought produces entertaining educational videos for YouTube Industry: Entertainment Design details: Hi there! I run a fairly popular YouTube channel called Second Thought, which you can view here: Up until now I've been a one-man show, but as my channel has grown it's become apparent to me that I'll need to expand and outsource my animation work to more talented people. If you take a look at my videos, you'll get a feel for the kind of vibe I try to convey. My characters are all stick figures or cartoon animals, and what little actual animating I do is very simple. What I'm looking for is an animator who can convey a sense of fun and lightheartedness through 2D, cartoon-style animation. I upload one video every week on a very precise schedule, unless a business trip gets in the way. Ideally, bringing on an animator will allow Second Thought to post polished, high quality educational video like clockwork every Friday. Just to be clear, this will ideally be an ongoing position, not a one-and-done thing. I'd love to find an animator who is proud of their work and is looking to get on board with a very cool project. You'll be provided with a script and production notes for each episode, and of course my contact information for clarification and any other needs. I've never hired anyone before, as I usually prefer to rely on myself, so if there's any other additional information needed, please ask! Target audience: 18-35 year olds on YouTube Ideas for the visual style: hand-drawn, youthful, fun, colorful, cartoony Extra notes:

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3D Studio, Character setup, 2D animation,
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