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20~30 second professional video animation for attached VOICE OVER

Information for the business: We have created a solution for a big problem in diabetes injection therapy, innovative SiteSmart coloured pen needles. Diabetes injection pen needles that help promote injection site rotation. Industry: Healthcare Design details: ***** Important: please provide example suggested style for this job in your proposal ************ Design details: an animation for attached voice over including very clear visual on the educational concept. Visual intuitiveness so that if someone does not listen to the voice can clearly understand it by watching it. Below explanation will help better understand the problem, our solution and the job required. Problem: 2 / 3 people who inject insulin develop unhealthy injection sites - The most common side effect of insulin injection - Caused by poor injection site rotation - Negatively impacting blood sugar levels - Unhealthy injection sites may or may not be visible Solution: SiteSmart coloured pen needles - 4 colours of pen needle in each box (refer to attachment) - One colour of pen needle for each injection site (refer to attachment) - "Change coloure, Change site" intuitive educational TM tageline Target audience: Consumer / patient Ideas for the visual style: Intuitive visualization of educational concept + usage of big font words to make it understandable if it is played on low volume or mute Extra notes: Extra notes: This video animation is combination of education + commercial promotion two third of people with diabetes develop unhealthy injection sites. Healthcare literacy is low in the community. General awareness about this issue is very low and there is no product that can help people with diabetes improve injection site rotation. Our innovative SiteSmart pen needles are developed to help the patient improve injection site rotation.

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Unreal, Cinema 4D, Anime,
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