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Design packaging graphics

Information for the business: Fashion Garment Stickers Industry: Lifestyle/Travel Messages to communicate through the design: We would like the design (which will go onto the packaging for our product) to feel chic, elegant and modern. We would like to use two colours - grey (not to dark) and gold foil (if possible). We would like to have some sort of geometric design made up of the needle and thread image (that I have attached below that is part of our Tinker Tailor Logo). We want the traditional methods that we use (hand crafted and gold work embroidery to mix with the modern take of our designs). Details about the product: Accessory Stickers - for one time application only - can be affixed to clothes, bags, lap tops etc... to personalise your outfit or accessories. Ideas for the visual style: Please refer to the descriptions above Preferred colors: Grey and Gold Urls to draw inspiration from: Extra notes: Please see the attached image for the kind of packaging we are going to be making (although ours will be larger in size). There will be two sizes of the packaging, one approx 17cmx17cm and one 10cmx10cm. On the front of the design we will have some words on the top part of it. We would also like to have our logo and some words on the middle of the back of the packaging to. Please also see attached images of the needle and thread (you can see this at the above holding page for our site as well) . The image with the heart and the bow and arrow may be used to go onto the packaging as well.

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