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Label and packaging design

Information for the business: Nutrition Bar & Decadent Cake Industry: Food and Beverage Target audience: Gluten Free and Health Conscience Messages to communicate through the design: I am in need of a graphics designer and packaging expert to create a logo and packaging design. Several things we want to incorporate into the design. 1). Radiant colors lighter in the middle fade to darker colors on edges. Example: We like the Ghirardelli Chocolate packaging and Lindt Chocolate. 2). We would like to have a peek-a-boo opening incorporated to view the product inside. (See Kind Bar, and savory Picture sample) 3). We would like a place for our "Story" Details about the product: 4). Highlight Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Vegan for the Nutrition Bar 5). Highlight Gluten Free, Decadent, finest chocolate, moist and amazing taste. 6). We are Looking for a Scripted Logo Like the Lindt Chocolate logo with a heart to dot the " ' apostrophe " in Sandi's, specializing in great tasting Gluten Free. Ideas for the visual style: See Attachments Preferred colors: golds, and Tans Urls to draw inspiration from: Extra notes:

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One time job

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Inkscape, Vectr, DrawPlus,
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